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2021 Taurus natives looking for some love this year might simply discover it in the strangest of places. On the other side, numerous romantic connections can take place concurrently and out of nowhere. You have a lot of opportunities to really feel yourself this year, as 2021 opens with some really fascinating surprises. As Jupiter and Uranus include friction to your chart in the months of January and February, you might find yourself among the most popular people in the dating video game right out of eviction. Now, deciding whether any romantic potential customers entering your life are worth it is another piece of the puzzle for you. Your birthday month might bring someone around that genuinely knocks you off your feet only to feel more baffled once eclipse season shows up throughout late May and early June. There might be part of you that really chooses to be in a non-committal relationship, particularly throughout the first half of the year.

Discovering what you like and concentrating on friendships may serve your soul best. Despite the fact that you prefer a soulmate, it can be one of those things that plays a longer course these days. And do not you fret-- there's definitely space for several romance and dramas to play themselves out. The November 19 partial lunar eclipse in your indication gives you a much better understanding of some strong transits coming through in 2022. This can be a conference point for many Bulls, which can be the wakeup call your heart genuinely needs. After all, the year does roll out with a Venus retrograde in your fellow earth indication of Capricorn beginning on December 19, which will have you reviewing various karmic romantic connections.
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