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Synchronicity Dream dictionary

Carl Jung believed when we are trapped in a transformative process, something rises from the unconscious, whether through dreams or events that will reveal the way through. He used the word synchronicity to describe the process by which we are inspired by these internal cues. Something rising from the unconscious links an outward event that appears coincidental with information that makes that event personally meaningful. Its meaning is usually thematic in dreams, and as we connect inspiration to an outward event we find active intuition that validates our inner processes. These inner processes also come to validate our pathway. Synchronicity is how the inner world and outer world are tied together ~ how thoughts affect what we experience. An event might be dismissed because the individual is unaware of the symbolism currently manifesting in their dreams. Measuring dreams against outer events, we discover an uncanny correlation on our pathway of transformation. As an example, we may be going through life in a state of panic and hurrying to appointments, as we travel further from our authentic center. We experience people honking and cutting us off while we are driving. Since we are not in control of where we are going, we may ignore dreams in which we are being driven by someone else, or losing control of our vehicle. Perhaps we dream of police stopping us, and the next day our wristwatch stops working. The more we rush forward, the more life appears to slow us down. The police in the dream represent a regulating tendency rising from within: slow down. How can we be living our authentic life if we are constantly rushing to meet the future? We may be holding in our anger and when an event happens, we explode and respond with more emotion than the situation warranted. Since we are repressing our feelings, we may dream of a bear or tiger (mammalian/feelings) attacking us as if our emotional outburst came out of nowhere. The next day, we may be drawn consciously to witnessing pure animal aggression or again, experience others attacking us in some way. What happens around us has an uncanny way of reflecting the well being of our inner world. These repressed patterns of thought are usually thematic in dreams. Something drastic like a car accident or open-heart surgery doesn’t usually occur until the other cues have failed. Only then, are we planted firmly in one place to understand how our life may have become unbalanced or how our heart had become closed. While we were running in circles, lost in the idea of what the future demanded of us, who were we? The one that knows within appears to take an active interest in promoting wholeness and wellness in this life. It promotes balance and demands that we stay connected to life as it unfolds. Symbolism may first inspire our dreams and during the day, we may experience a synchronistic event where the same idea appears. Alternatively, a symbol in the outer world may appear in our dreams and then reappear the next day, giving it added emphasis. This symbolism may be repeated several times throughout the day or we may dismiss it and fail to see its message altogether. Synchronicity is showing us how profoundly our experience is tied to what is going on in here.

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