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All of the characters appearing in your dream represent evolving or transforming aspects of you. What can make dream interpretation confusing is the inability to understand how dreaming of others allows you to explore the traits you associate with them. Your ideas, beliefs and areas undergoing transformation will be mirrored by the characters you dream about. When you look at the dream as a plot where all of the characters are representing you, look beyond the character and ask: what word would I use to describe this person? How might this person be representing a side of myself that I might be failing to understand or express? Foreigners and aborigines will represent unknown, or organic aspects that appear foreign, while something more natural seeks expression within you. Males appearing in a female’s dream will represent her ‘masculine’ aggressive and assertive personality functioning through immediate experience (see Animus). A female appearing in a male’s dream will represent his intuitive and sensitive side (see Anima). Kissing these characters will reflect how you are exploring and integrating what they represent. Kissing is the first stage in integration where sexual consummation shows full integration. When there is attraction and rejection involved it reveals your desire or fear/inability to adopt these traits. Even spouses can become a representation of the Anima and Animus, or a type of role model quality that portrays what we are exploring and adopting. When we are in a relationship and dream of our partner behaving in a negative way, we are exploring the power they hold over us because we give them that power. In this way, negative or frightening characters can represent the Shadow, or that part of our power and authenticity that we are 'disowning' and therefore, it stalks us as the energy seeks expression and integration. Running away from unknown attackers suggests how you can feel ‘pursued’ by non-integrated aspects as you grow and evolve. The times when you are growing the most will be associated with these types of dreams because you are experimenting with ‘new’ ways of interacting with the people around you. People from the past can represent you at that point in life, and family members usually appear in a dream that is helping you to understand how a current crisis was created through personal dynamics of childhood. See Dream Processing. A committee or group of people represent the various sides of you that become, in a sense, the board members of your psyche. Different sides of you can sit in judgment, as conscience or the critical tapes that can stunt your growth. They negotiate important aspects of your unique needs against the consensus or ‘older members’ of the group. A teacher can represent wisdom from your Higher Self and often older persons, like grandparents can represent the guiding and wise side of you coming into awareness. Famous people can symbolize archetypes as you explore your associations with what these people represent. They stand as icons or display characteristics and potentials that you are adopting or exploring. Comedians can offer a message about the need to ‘lighten up.’ In a situation, you may find that you will achieve more if you can be less serious. The issues surrounding dreams of this type suggest that you are ‘trying on this public identity’ in an effort to gain esteem or approval. Just like any other character however, the word you would use to describe them will shed light on this part of you that you are exploring. Ask yourself: ‘what is this famous person known for’ in order to understand the part of you that the dream is exploring. Dreaming of people with transgender traits like men with breasts or women with beards can represent how you are exploring and integrating sensitivity and assertiveness. The male aspect is associated with aggressiveness and assertiveness, while the female characteristics can represent sensitivity and introspection. See also Persona and Dream Basics.

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